Joy is a place where you can drink coffee after a sleepless night. Joy is meeting a friend to share the tales of the terrible twos. It is sitting down to have lunch with your mother and child – knowing that both can enjoy themselves because everyone here is welcome.


Joy is a place where you can chat with a friend while your kid enjoys playing in our safe playground. Is a place to get in touch with other parents to share experiences.


Joy is a place to celebrate birthdays, baptisms, baby showers, farewells, you name it! - knowing that your child is always safe inside Joy Beans and you can enjoy the party.


We founded it in April 2019 and our success is greatly due to our 2 main associates, our manager in place Ma Elena and our Chef de cuisine Gioni, who manages the daily activities of the business and ensures the best quality of our freshly produced dishes.

Joy Beans is a proyection of what I wanted to have as a new mom.


I wanted to have a place where I could feel welcome with my crying little wonder and where I could eat something nice and fresh.

This idea started cooking in my head and then more ideas came along, to be not only a coffee shop but a learning centre and a social point for mums and dads. 

So, welcome to Joy Beans, a space for all parents, a place where you can breastfeed, change nappies and have a strong cup of coffe because you had a long zombie night. A place where we are all on the same page, where your little one can jump a thousand times and cry out loud. A place where babies can be babies!

Check out our food and drinks menu, we have plenty of options for you and your little one; from fresh pastries to yummy salads, and from babyccino to Prosecco! 

Keep en eye on our activities calendar; for mums, dads and  kids, considering emotional, social, moral, creative, physical, and intellectual aspects of all.

It's also nice for the little to see other little ones 

doesn't matter if you have milk vom on your shirt, if you forgot to brush your hair, nobody is going to judge you

it's more than a family coffee shop, it's a learning centre, a social point,  

to This family friendly café offers fine quality food and beverages but they also have kids in mind when writing menus.


There is ample choices for both parents and children, including: breakfasts lunches and dinners with a large option for drinks.

When the kids have finished their meals, they can play safely in the playground or take classes while mum and dad enjoy a hot, cold or bubbles beverage and enjoy time with friends.

Dining out with kids doesn’t have to be hard. Child-friendly and toddler tolerant cafeis now here at town.


We know parents need time to reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, which is why we think to creat this space for you.

We ofere as well activities and courses for all moms ,dans and  kids we consider the emotional, social, moral, creative, physical, and intellectual aspects of all.

Joy Beans - Family cafe

Allschwilerstrasse 22, 4055 Basel